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A HUGE THANK YOU to all the bidders on our Denver '17 lots.
Special thanks to long time friends and repeat customers Shaggy Meadows Red Angus and Namken Red Angus for partnering on Pick of the Herd flush. Look forward to Paisley, Cooper, and the Shaggy to be named soon having fun with this in the coming years!
Welcome to the Red Angus breed Jesse Johnson! Congrats for starting the foundation of your red program with Red Flying K Max 159 Y and Red SSS Academy 558C from Namkens.

And last, but certainly not least, a huge tip of the hat to Rains Cattle Co. LLC for selecting pick of the herd heifer and 30 straws of Max for their purebred program, and negotiating 200 more straws of Max for their #Bellydraggernation commercial program.
It was a helluva Denver Stock Show and I can't say thank-you enough!!!

March  6,  2017 Production sale, contact us or give us a call.  We would be happy to send you more information on our Red Angus Cattle.   Several Black hided bulls this year.. use as an out cross on your Commercial Angus Cattle.

thank you bidders and buyers

March 2017 - NEW Lead Herd Sire for Arrowsmith Red Angus and Partners Rains Cattle Company of Stillwater Oklahoma.

Tactic was the high selling bull @ the 2017 SSS bull Sale this past Monday 
I personally have been looking for a bull like this for a long time.. 
To help take Arrowsmith Red Angus and Rains Cattle to the next level & produce Seedstock that will work in any area.. 
Tactic is a bull that is packed full of red meat, super long bodied, feet that all point the right way, tons of body & rib cage!! Lots of hip & top. Very Balanced bull, all the way to his EPD's! There will be limited semen packages available soon.. If u want to tie into a bull that that will change your calf crop in one generation, Think (Tactic!!)

Arrowsmith Red Angus Sale Report  for March 6, 2017

Bulls averaged $4102 on 34 head sold.
Lot 43  $9000 to Glen May  Bassett Ne
Lot 42  $ 9000 to Scott Boettcher, Atkinson Ne
lot 21 $ 8000 to Axtell Cattle Co.  Anton Co
Lot 33 $ 7000 to Scott Boettcher, Atkinson, Ne
Lot 5  $ 6500 to Flying K Red Angus, Swift Current Sask
Lot 38 $ 6000 to Neil Ammon, Newport Ne
Lot 10 $ 5750 to Gary Macleod, Valentine Ne
Lot 1  $ 5250 to Toby Knox, Ewing ne
Volume buyers,

Scott Boettcher with 3 head

Gary Macleod with 3 head.

Commercial heifers.

Boettcher Ranch Atkinson NE 

 72 head weighing 735# @ $1225
31 head weighing90# @ $1220

Arrowsmith Red Angus Bassett

20 head weighing 735# @ $1300
20 head weighing  750# @ $1250

15 head weighing  815# @ $1260
9 black/red gene  775# @ $1300
13 RWF weighing    765# @ $1025
Terry Cone    65 head weighing  785# @ $1350

Neil and Mary Ammon Newport NE

15 head weighing  760# @ $1275
20 head weighing   700# @ $1225
10 RWF  weighing   755# @ $1000
Glen May Bassett NE

 32 head weighing 730# @ $1235
13 RWF weighing 730# @ $975

Joe and Christie Leonard Bassett NE

 21 head of May heifers weighing 650# @ $1075

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