red angus

Our Commitment  " QUALITY "

Brad purchased his first Red Angus Registered female in 1994. His focus has always been efficient, trouble-free, productive cows.... It has never been about EPD profiles and his program has never been about the "Bull-of-the-month-club-member" It has been about identifying great cow families...and stacking them.  

Many of Brad's cow herd and bulls go back to this cow.  
Sodak EM 5127  Reg# 488023 -0.9 BW 31 WW 33 YW and a 98.6 MPPA. She is a 1995 model black/red gene cow and is the most prominent female in his cow herd.  Everyone of her daughters have produced too.

The bulls he offers are fed a ration of 42 Megs and never receive higher than 48.  The focus is not the end weight but developing his bulls for longevity and soundness.  His many repeat customers will testify to their longevity.  He also adds extra nutrition to his herd by supplementing with Tracer Minerals.

​​​​our history

Arrowsmith Name Meaning - English: occupational name for a maker of iron arrowheads, from Old English arwe ‘arrow’ + smi{dh} ‘smith’.